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Mincecraft Updates

Mincecraft Updates

Minecraft 1.7.5

* Minecraft Realms adds mini game support
* Several server-side performance improvements and bug fixes
* Preparations to bring Minecraft Realms to more countries!

Minecraft 1.7.3 & 1.7.4

It’s time for an update again!

+ Added broadcasting integration (see below)
* Improved Realms menus
* Fixed render distance above 8
* Various bugs have been taken care of

To use the Twitch broadcasting you need to link your Mojang account with your Twitch account. This only works with migrated accounts (in other words, if you login using your email address instead of your username, you can use the Twitch integration). The linking is done via the account settings, which can be found here:

To start broadcasting, simply press F6 while playing. You find more options in the menus.

The integration currently only works on Windows Vista or later, and on Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or later.

You can always get more in-depth development updates on the official Mojang blog!

Holidays are Coming!

Is there a special Minecrafter in your life who’d appreciate the gift of merch?
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Minecraft 1.7.2


(This update includes 1.7 and 1.7.1)

+ Added lots of new biomes!
+ Added “AMPLIFIED” world type
+ Added Acacia and Old Oak wood types
+ Added Stained Glass
+ Added Packed Ice, Red Sand, Podzol
+ Added a bunch of new flowers, including double-height flowers and grass
+ Added more types of fish
+ Fishing rods can be enchanted
+ Achievements are now world specific
+ Gaining achievements now announced to other players
+ Added a few new achievements
+ Servers can now have a “server-icon.png” that is displayed in the multiplayer list
+ You can see who’s online before joining, just hover the player count number in the server list
+ New /summon command
+ Added Command Block minecart
+ Links in chat are now clickable
+ Click on somebody’s name to send a private message
+ Added a bunch of new graphics options
+ Added some shader tests (click on the “Super Secret Settings” a couple of times…)
* Biome placement has been improved, and oceans are smaller
* Portals to the Nether can now have different shapes
* Fishing is now more interesting
* Maps in item frames are now extra big
* The achievement screen is zoomable
* Preparations have been made to offer name change in the future
* You can now have multiple resource packs loaded at the same time
* Resource packs can now hold sound effects
* Servers can recommend resource packs
* Network code has been rewritten
* Sound manager has been rewritten
* Many many bug fixes…
– Removed the Rose flower
– Removed Herobrine

Next up: MINECON 2013, Orlando, Florida, USA

Minecraft 1.6.4

This update fixes world generation bugs that would appear in 1.7. It is recommended that you use this version and load up important areas of your world before heading into Minecraft 1.7.

If you haven’t got it already, this update requires the new launcher that you can find here:

Minecraft 1.6.2

This update fixes a lot of bugs and issues! Notable:

* Fixed horses getting hurt by walls
* Fixed animals escaping their pens
* Improved sprinting behavior
* Ctrl + left-click on Mac now acts as right-click

If you haven’t got it already, this update requires the new launcher that you can find here:

Minecraft 1.6.1

The Horse Update!

Important: In order to get this update, you need the new “Minecraft Launcher”. Download it here: and replace the old launcher.

Changes in 1.6:

+ Added Horses
+ Added Donkeys, Mules
+ Added Horse Armor
+ Added Leads
+ Added Carpets
+ Added Hardened Clay, Stained Clay
+ Added Block of Coal
+ Added Name Tags (item)
+ Added Hay Bales
* Texture packs are now “resource packs” that also can hold sound etc
* Food meter is now drained when healed by full food meter
* You can’t destroy blocks with a sword in creative mode
– Removed Herobrine

What's Happening at Mojang?

First of all, Scrolls has been released and 60,000 players are already competing for the top ranking! Read all about this new trading card strategy game over at

Also, you haven’t forgotten about the pew-pew shooter Cobalt, have you? It’s still being worked on, and the v121 update and Mac OS X release is “very, very, close to be released” 😀 Head over to for videos and downloads.

And finally, Minecraft 1.6 – the “Horse Update”, will be released next week! The update has leads, carpets, hard clay, donkeys, mules, and of course horses! This update requires a new Minecraft launcher to load. We’ll post more info about that here and on when it’s ready.

Submit cool t-shirt art to J!NX! Win awesome prizes!

Competition time! J!NX are looking for t-shirt illustrations that celebrate the “Unsung Heroes of Minecraft.” Forget about Creepers and Steve for this one: it’s about ocelots, iron golems, and sheep; the smaller guys that sometimes get forgotten. Another thing: JiNX have boosted the prize pool since the competition was first announced.

Visit J!NX for the details. You have until June 3rd to submit your entries.

Good luck!

Minecraft 1.5.2

* A bunch of bug fixes!
* Performance improvements when using HD texture packs
* Many improvements for Minecraft Realms (will become publicly available “soon”)