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How to Properly Raid Underwater Temples

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I started a new world yesterday after not playing minecraft for 2 or 3 years. A lot has changed since then. One new thing I didn’t know about was ocean temples, so when I saw some structure under the water just beyond where I had started building my house, I was a little surprised. Rather than look up what ocean temples were and how to get through them, I decided to explore it on my own for a while. So I did what I naturally would do: I started farming sugarcane. In case you don’t know, sugarcane is the quick-and-dirty way to breathe underwater. Wherever you are, just slap down a dirt and 2 sugarcanes and BAM! you’re breathing.


When I took my boat out to the temple and started getting attacked by strange puffer-fish things (Guardians apparently), I panicked and lost the boat. Great. No escape. I might as well go underwater and look around for a few seconds because I’m about to get murdered by fish anyway. I knew the sugarcane was going to help me breathe, but what I didn’t realize is that it was also going to make me completely immune to the guardians.


Basically they can’t see you when you’re hiding in sugarcane. Their laser attacks stop working and they turn away. So you’re safe from the water and you’re safe from the mobs. Boo-yah.

All the tutorials for running these underwater dungeons recommend full diamond armor, respiration enchantments and breathing potions, TNT, diamond swords, and a multitude of expensive and altogether unnecessary equipment.

So here’s what you do:

  • Get some sugarcane.
    • Farming sugarcane is easy. Just place it on the ocean shore in sand or dirt and wait for it to grow, then hack off the top and replant… it’s pretty simple. Making an entire coast filled with sugarcane is really easy.
  • Get some dirt.
    • You need 1 dirt for every sugarcane. I recommend at least a whole stack of dirt, if not 2 stacks.
  • Get some food.
    • potatoes or carrots are good enough. Or pork chops. Whatever. You just need to be able to regain some HP if you accidentally get hit by a guardian, so you’ll need to keep your hunger bar full.
  • [Optional] Get some milk.
    • The Elder Guardians will cast Mining Fatigue on you, preventing you from getting to the gold treasure and stopping you from destroying the maze-like structure of the temple. Drinking milk cures this de-buff.

That’s all.


Go underwater and place dirt, sugarcane, sugarcane. Stand in the sugarcane to be immune from drowning and from Guardians. Don’t bother killing the regular guardians. Keep on placing these stacks everywhere as you move through the maze to find the 3 elders. Kill the elders with your fists or an iron sword or whatever by leaving the sugarcane and approaching them from behind (they can’t hit you if you’re behind them, and they can’t laser you because of the sugarcane). If they turn on you, just hide in the sugarcane. Once the elders are dead, drink milk or wait <5 minutes and go mine out the treasure!


Sugarcane Farm

Breathing Stack

Exploring the Dungeon

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