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How My Admins Griefed My Server

<!– SC_OFF –><div class=”md”><p>I am honestly in shock right now. I had a factions server doing quite well for the first day, and my two admins which I knew for a while, CornorClaimed and Bunzzy, both helped me a lot making the server.</p> <p>We had an argument wether admins should be allowed to /tpa to someone and raid them, and I obviously said they shouldn’t be able to do that. Now, I have talked to these people for quite a while through Skype and we knew each other. I would never think in a million years they would do what they did next.</p> <p>They deleted every single file on my server. All of them. I didn’t have a backup since server released that day, and now I have to spend my weekend restarting everything. If demotivation could be contained in a bottle, I just drank the entire thing. Has this happened to any of you guys?</p> </div><!– SC_ON –> submitted by