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How do I make my Farmers, you know, farm?

I was very excited when I learned about Villagers beginning to farm wheat on their own with the Bountiful Update. I was already having a blast in my first successful Hardcore world, and looked forward to taking farming off the list of day to day tasks.

So 1.8 was released, and I found a really spiffy looking autofarm, and set about building it myself. I bred a few new villagers, found one that was farming, and carted him off to his new home. I loaded him up with 8 or so stacks of seeds and put him to work in the fields. Then came the problems.

He harvested some wheat, and has promptly stopped. I haven’t seen any actual wheat come through the hoppers, only excess seed. Instead of tending to the fully grown wheat, my Farmer spends most of his days pressed up against a single corner of the field, looking outwards. I can’t quite tell if he is staring down other villagers from a hundred yards away, or trying to get into a house. Either way, production is at a standstill.

I tried putting another Farmer into the field, but he quickly began exhibiting the same behaviors, though the second one tends to roam a bit more. To date I have gotten about two and a half stacks of seeds and a single piece of wheat. I am not sure what the deal is here, I’m pretty new to villager interactions outside of the rare trade or well rescue.

Is it the proximity to the rest of the village? Is there something I need to do to motivate them? Should I learn to breed them better?

Any advice? Thanks in advance!

(Here’s a few example pictures. You can see the first farmer in his favorite corner, as well as the surrounding village. The second farmer would zip back and forth between screenshots, but kept ending up in the position you see now.)

edit: Doh, I took the pictures at night which skews some things. To clarify: there is no discernible difference in farming behavior regardless of time of day.

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[Question] Would anyone be interested in a complete A-Z video tutorial on Command Blocks for MC 1.8?

A tutorial aimed mainly towards people who know nothing about command blocks.

Tell me if you would like something like this, or if anyone has already done something like this for Minecraft 1.8

*Edit: I have decided to make this series. If you would like to stay updated you can follow me on my Twitter (Since I don’t have a Youtube channel just yet)

**Edit 2: WIP Youtube channel

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