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Most cringeworthy moment you've ever experienced in minecraft multiplayer?

Craziest things that have happened that make you cringe? (from the server chat only)

One time I was an admin on a server, there was a girl on talking about how she is pregnant. One of the other admins (higher rank than me, though) went online. When he heard that she was pregnant, he gaver her an attitude.He then went on berating and harrassing her saying she can’t play on the server because she has a baby to take care of and that she shouldn’t be playing Minecraft. I then told him that she can play on the server however long she wants. He didn’t listen, started to threaten both of us, and threatened her that he would ban her. He banned her and Then I unbanned her, this kept repeating until I gave up and requested his demotion to the Owner. He eventually was gotten rid of. This was the craziest and most bullshit thing that has ever happened to me, especially coming from a person of higher rank. Don’t ever threaten to ban people just because they are pregnant, especially if it is about their color, race, political party, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc.

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